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VEX EDR Awards Outline



Teams should consider their season a success if they learned something new and had fun in applying their knowledge and skills to the VEX EDR Competition. Events provide a great opportunity to share and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of the student participants!

This section details the full list of awards presented in the VEX EDR Program. Most local and regional events will offer a small subset of these awards, based on the number of teams at their event. The only event likely to present each and every one of these awards will be VEX Worlds, as warranted by the hundreds of teams participating. The awards presented at each event are chosen by the event planning committee with the help of their Regional Support Manager.

A full list of the awards that may be presented are detailed at Below are the awards that are typically awarded each year.


Excellence Award

The Excellence Award is the highest award presented in the VEX EDR Competition. This award is presented to a team that exemplifies overall excellence in creating a high quality VEX robotics program. This team is a strong contender in numerous award categories. Excellence winners must have an Engineering Notebook. Key criteria:

  • Design Award ranking
  • Teamwork Challenge Qualification Matches ranking
  • Robot Skills Challenge ranking
  • Other Judged award rankings
  • High quality VEX robotics program

Design Award

The Design Award recipient demonstrates the ability to implement the most effective and efficient robot design process. Their Engineering Notebook and discussion with the Judges will demonstrate the team’s ability to produce a quality robot with minimal adult assistance. Only teams that submit Engineering Notebooks are eligible for the Design Award. Key criteria:

  • Engineering Notebook is a clear, complete, and organised document of the robot design process.
  • Team demonstrates effective management of skills, time, and material resources.
  • Students understand and explain how they developed an effective game strategy and robot design.
  • Students demonstrate teamwork and effective communication skills.

Judges will use the Design Award Rubric to evaluate the teams’ performance on the award criteria. The first part of the Design Award Rubric is used to evaluate the quality of a team’s Engineering Notebook. The second part of the rubric is then used to evaluate the students’ understanding and application of an effective robot design process, as demonstrated in their team pit interview with Judges. The Design Award Rubric is available in the Judge Guide and at


Teamwork Champion Award (2 teams)

The Teamwork Champion Award is presented to each of the two teams on the winning alliance in the Teamwork Challenge Finals Matches.

Robot Skills Champion Award

The Robot Skills Champion Award is presented to the team with the highest combined Programming Skills Challenge and Driving Skills Challenge score. A team’s combined score will be determined by adding their highest Programming Skills Challenge score and their highest Driving Skills Challenge score at a single event. Teams participating in only one of the two skills challenges will receive a zero score in the challenge in which they did not participate. Some events may choose not to offer this award.



Judges Award

The Judges Award is presented to a team that the Judges determine is deserving of special recognition. Judges consider a number of possible criteria for this award, such as team displays of special attributes, exemplary effort and perseverance at the event, or team accomplishments or endeavours throughout the season that may not fit under existing awards, but are nonetheless deserving of special recognition.

Sportsmanship Award

The Sportsmanship Award is presented to a team that has earned the respect and admiration of the volunteers and other teams at the event. VEX Worlds uses ballots for this award. Key criteria:

  • Team is courteous, helpful, and respectful to everyone at the event, on and off the field
  • Team interacts with others on the game field in the spirit of friendly collaboration
  • Team demonstrates respect and willingness to help event staff, other teams, and spectators
  • Team demonstrates excitement and enthusiasm throughout the event

Additional Awards being presented at VEX EDR Irish National Finals

Inspire Award

The Inspire Award is presented to a team that has inspired judges with their approach to competitive robotics. This team will effectively communicate their passion for the VRC program and maintain a positive attitude throughout the event. The team will have a clear vision for their future and will participate with both a high level of integrity and good sportsmanship. This team demonstrates that they believe they can achieve what they set out to achieve through their diligence.

Create Award

The Create Award is presented to the team whose robot design incorporates a creative engineering solution to the design challenges of the season’s game. Key criteria:

  • Robot has a well-crafted, unique design solution, which demonstrates creative thinking
  • Team has demonstrated a highly creative design process and methodology
  • Team has committed to ambitious and creative approaches to solving the game challenge
  • Students understand and explain how they worked together to develop their robot

Amaze Award

The Amaze Award is presented to a team that has built an amazing, high-scoring robot that clearly demonstrates overall quality. Key criteria:

  • Robot design is consistently high scoring
  • Robot demonstrates a solid mechanical design and is robustly constructed to fulfill its designed task
  • Robot programming is consistently effective and successful
  • Students understand and explain how they worked together to develop their robot