Robotics Education Ireland




How do I get involved?

To get involved please follow the steps here

Are one-to-one mentors provided?

Unfortunately we wouldn’t have the capacity to provide one-to-one mentorship for the school but we do have a list of resources available online and would be available for any queries.

Where can I find help?

The first place to look would be our Resources page. Check out the forums and see if there’s anything there to address your issue. If you can’t find anything don’t forget you can bring this up at one of the Education Support Centre sessions where other teachers will be in attendance.

If you can’t find a solution at any of these, please contact us

How do I get Robot C?

Regarding the Robot C license, create an account at and there will be details shown there on the software for downloading. This software is available at no extra charge to you.

RobotC download.PNG